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Sunburnt_Country_117cm_x_168cm_sml.jpg Outback_Deconstruction_61cm_x_61cm_sml.jpg With_Feeling_46cm_x_46cm_sml.jpg Inbetween_137cm_x_76cm_sml.jpg
Reminiscences_46cm_x_46cm_sml.jpg A_Long_Night_Awaits_46_x_46cm_sml Ned_Rabbit_56_x_56cm_sml.jpg The_Hill_81cm_x_102cm
into dry Finally_86cm_x_117cm_sml.jpg The_Slip_81cm_x_86cm_sml.jpg Grandeur_Of_One_137cm_x_117cm_sml.jpg
Sliding_61cm_x_76cm_sml.jpg Earth_Of_Here_61cm_x_66cm_sml.jpg Discovery_117cm_x_86cm_sml.jpg Blue_Point_81cm_x_76cm_sml.jpg
Afterglow_76cm_x_137cm_sml.jpg Catchment_76cm_x_102cm_sml.jpg Flow_61cm_x_76cm_sml.jpg Isolation_81cm_x_86cm_sml.jpg
Yellow_107_x_71cm_sml.jpg Cats'_Friend_102_x_66cm_sml.jpg Desert_Ranger_56_x_56cm_sml.jpg Bottom_Feeder_46cm_x_46cm_sml.jpg
  Lino_Cut_81cm_x_107cm_sml.jpg Day_of_Magenta_46cm_x_46cm_sml.jpg River_Of_Purple_46cm_x_46cm_sml.jpg
images/Ready_To_Roam_107_x_168cm_sml.jpg  No_Better_Place_To_Be_46cm_x_46cm_sml.jpg Point_Of_No_Return_46cm_x_46cm_sml.jpg Checkered_Past_81cm_x_102cm_sml.jpg
Red Ball Realm 81cm x 102cm Model on a string Roaming The Forest 122cm x 107cm The_Next_Generation_107cm_x_81cm-sml.jpg
Pink_Cliffs_41_x_41cm_sml.jpg Orange_Cliffs_41_x_41cm_sml.jpg Fortress_46_x_46cm_sml.jpg Wormhole_46_x_46cm_sml.jpg
Velvet_81_x_66cm_sml.jpg Mistaken_Identity_61cm_x_61cm She_Of_The_Cat_38cm_x_38cm This_Is_My_Dream_38cm_x_38cm
images/Red_Planet_Winter_117_x_168cm_sml.jpg Walking_The_Line_81_x_86cm_sml.jpg The_Conversation_81_x_107cm_sml.jpg Sunset_81_x_61cm_sml.jpg
We're_A_Happy_Family_107_x_168cm_sml.jpg The_Lunch_Box_168_x_102cm_sml.jpg Twos_Company_107_x_81cm_sml.jpg Once_38cm_x_38cm
Redheads_81cm_x_66cm_sml.jpg Redheads_Box_92cm_x_86cm_sml.jpg My_Delicate_Friend_38cm_x_38cm From_Nowhere_38cm_x_38cm
A_New_Friend_Indeed_38cm__38cm_sml Beach_Chicks_38cm_x_38cm_sm Birds_Of_A_Feather_76cm_x_92cm Cola_Moon_117cm_x_53cm
Collective_Of_One_38cm_x_38cm From_A_Distance_38cm_x_38cm The_Kangaroo_Game_38cm_x_38cm High_Country_Footy_38cm_x_38cm
Icing_On_The_Cake_38cm_x_38cm My_Red_Rock_38cm_x_38cm Lemon_Cake_38cm_x_38cm Gifts_For_The_King_122cm_x_66cm
The Butterfly Doll Surf_Club_38cm_x_38cm That's_My_Ball_92cm_x_92cm Billabong Cafe 122cm x 102cm
Waiting for summer Secret Waterhole 122cm x 152cm Aussie Rules 102 X 168
Pink laundry Table for one Hippy Blossom Girl 122cm x 152cm Balancing act
Tilly 71 x 92 Touching Base    81cm x 76cm Outback Ballet    86cm x 76cm I Presume It's For Me  86cm x 76cm
Flower Dance 76cm x 81cm Backyard Tennis 117cm x 86cm White Butterfly 81cm x 66cm Butterfly Girl 81cm x 66cm
Orchard Pitch Inspection 152cm x 66cm Pantry Of Heavenly Delights 152cm x 66cm King Of The Sticky Castle 102cm x 81cm Blue Umbrella 86cm x 102cm
She's Not One Of Us 76cm x 66cm That's Not An Apple, You Know 76cm x 66cm Beach Games 86cm x 117cm Tinker Of Singapore 102cm x 117cm
Jewellery box girl Little dancer Favourite beach (pair) Favourite beach (pair)
I will follow Footy fans Star catch
One Way Track Meet me at the balloon Sparkling white Dance of the marionette
Yellow Umbrella Outback dreaming Travellers Street performer
Garden Bathroom
Bath TIme Herbal Bath
Hide and Seek Holiday Swimming Pool Outback Bathroom My White Balloon
Home Patch Runaway The Great Beyond
Favourite Lookout Drinks station Space tourists
So Quiet Football Season Blossom and Bubbles
Family Of Night Owls
Life In The High Country
Ballet Dancers Little White Cat
The Maids Story Sun Lower Serenade The star maker
Finders keepers Birkin night flight Little explorer Fairytale Treehouse
There will be tears Lookout 2.55 Outback M.C.G.
Spike Space 76cm x 107cm Umbrella_Stand_76cm_x_66cm Brian Mannix stage ready Pure Serenity 102cm x 81cm
Playtime Tea Break Always happy Beach cricket
My Lucky Day    71cm x 117cm Hold on Painting pink The longest journey
Doesn't It Make You Feel Better Big bang tour Hanging For A Tea
Smooth Flight Eye's_Of_The_Night_92_x_46cm_sml.jpg No_One's_Home_38cm_x_38cm Winter
River_Of_Green_71_x_107cm_sml.jpg AFL_Sketch_2014_sml.jpg Ballerina_Sketch_2014_sml.jpg
images/Lines_66_x_107cm_sml.jpg The_One_ 46_x_46cm_sml.jpg Swinging Strange_Dance_ 92cm_x_61cm_sml.jpg
Outback_Bathtub_Sketch_2014_sml.jpg Butterfly_Girl_Sketch_2014_sml.jpg Drifting along Wicket keeper
Butterfly nebula Head_Of_The_Table_46cm_x_46cm_sml.jpg Golden_Ticket_107_x_86cm_sml.jpg The_Ring_107_x_71cm_sml.jpg
At_Sunset_46cm_x_46cm_sml Forgotten freind Sugar_Coated_15cm_x_15cm_sml.jpg Merry_Go_Round_122cm_x_66cm
Island tea All_The_World's_A_Stage_107cm_x_147cm

New and Exciting exhibitions are held at the Shane Vink Art Gallery.
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